Friday, February 22, 2008

Dreams are the windows of the unconscious?

Having taken a bit of a note of my dreams recently - mine can be quite funny, and you never know what you might need funny, or crazy, ideas for - I'm surprised at just how much music features in them.

Out of 8 dreams noted so far, only one had no musician or music (though the chap concerned is a member of my singing group...). Of the 7 others one included a music building (the Vilnius Filharmonija), one was an outdoor dance event (agricultural fair meets waltzes, sort of thing - band not seen), four involved performances more or less formal; there were a number of named pieces though apart from some Bach I would not want to be certain that what I heard in the dream was the piece in question, another included a chat with Nobuko Imai (a viola player, of course), and I played in the final one (and sat a written music exam).

Seeing as I don't work in music that seems quite a lot. Though these days I often work with my Ipod (I'm training myself to be able to do that) to not be disturbed by other, often loud, conversations in the same office.

What, then, goes on in the heads of those closer to the music business? (Can't discuss it on the viola list; they have a lurking psychiatrist!)