Friday, December 22, 2006

Disappearing into thin air!

... well, not quite, but a combination of careful dieting and lots of walking has caused me to lose about 13 kg (2 stones) in weight in the last 2.5 months or so (and long may it continue??? - even next week??). This has had inevitable sartorial consequences... I have always liked loose fitting clothes, such as chino type trousers, but now it's more like flags in the wind. Luckily in Lithuania it is fairly reasonable to have clothes made smaller, and the local tailoring shop has been a little busy and will be busier still after the new year, before my next trip abroad.

I thought, however, that it might be nice to buy some new trousers. A couple of days ago I went to every clothes shop in the Akropolis shopping centre, and did I find one pair that fitted? I did not. The fact that I like my trousers to end rather higher than the pubic hairline had something to do with it, apart from the inevitable handicap of living in Lithuania, where the girls have skinny legs up to their armpits. Thankfully today at last I was lucky at 'Buddelei', a German clothes chain which also exists in Vilnius. The only thing is that it makes me feel like a mature German lady - and I don't consider myself either mature or German! And tomorrow I will pick up my Landsend order in Germany - we know that American clothes need to be comfortably made ;-). In case this sounds like a contradition between wanting comfort and having lost weight - I have gone down two or three sizes!


varske said...

Know what you mean about the trousers and the pubic hairline. And I have found myself in Buddelei more than once. I bought some amazingly cheap cotton things once.

Off for some retail therapy myself tomorrow to Birmingham.