Sunday, December 10, 2006

Grey December Hash

A slightly crazy moment on today's hash in Kiev. No, they did not fall in - though they did a pretty good imitation of teetering on the edge (of what - insanity???).

December, dreary December is not a great time to wander/run round the countryside, especially countryside as this, which would be better covered under a foot of snow.

It was somewhere near the edge of Kiev, a place where people find it convenient to dump their rubbish, especially building rubble - we have such places in Vilnius, too. I don't suppose there is any environmental police, or if there is, they can probably be paid off.

And a very long hash it was, too. Not vertically uphill, like in Tbilisi (which of course is ALL DOWN HILL!), nor like the one I had set in Vilnius, where folk rebelled after 45 minutes of walking - this was a solid two hours of walking and running through housing schemes, sliding on muddy tracks around two ponds, and then up and over and down and around through a forest, coming out at a cemetery, and having the final circle near a busy motorway junction. Since I was the only runner, I had the dubious delight of checking out all the false trails - especially the one that finished on top of a virtual cliff. Thanks, Sergey! There was also that 'fierce' guard dog whose bark got higher and higher, and whose tail went lower and lower, as I ran up to it....

When I picked the mistletoe I also realised that I might not have climbed a tree since I started wearing glasses... the tree nearly ended up wearing them!