Thursday, December 14, 2006

too much spare time?

It seems that my friend Helene has too much time on her hand. Here she blogs about books she has read and might take to desert islands and so on, and challenges her regular readers, amongst them moi, to to the same (the way I understand it). And how does the trackback thing work? Maybe next week..

Just watching a film with Stephen Fry in French set in about 1970 or so on arte; including a hot torrid sex scene with a woman over a washing machine which goes straight from switch-on to spin. Fry is famously gay, of course. He keeps his clothes on. But then he ain't the only gay actor having to do things like this....This was immediately followed by an actress playing the end of a Bach cello suite - the close-up of her hands only came up as she did not have to move her left hand anymore....