Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sinking fast

The British papers this week have been full of bad news for T Blair. Apart from him being interviewed by the police over the honours for cash affair, yesterday's news that a corruption inquiry by the Serious Fraud Office has been stopped due to 'National Interest'. The alleged corruption had to do with BAE (formerly known as British Aerospace which famously left Prestwick, Scotland, for Toulouse) perhaps encouraging, in some way, Arab countries to buy their military equipment. It would seem that the inquiry was just about to reach the crux of the matter.

The national interest apparently relates to the fact that Saudi Arabia is considering placing an order for some more military jets or something, and if the investigation continues, this 70 million GBP contract might be lost.
This suggests two things:
1. Corruption is in the national interest
2. The tendering/contracting process on the current order is also not white as the driven snow.

Makes you glad to be represented by such a sleaze-free government, does it not? Both stories are very closely linked to T Blair - I wonder how long he can hang on. But would he want to go due to corruption? Then again, could he be impeached? Remember that Clinton was impeached for only getting a ....(word omitted to spare the sensitive) - see this wonderful you tube video.