Tuesday, December 12, 2006

weird stuff

I am using a system called blogpatrol which tells me how many people, from where, and using which internet browser are reading my blog. It's quite interesting - and people get to the blog with the weirdest questions - especially after I reviewed the '*** life of my aunt'. In the last couple of days there have been many entries from a 'blocked referrer' - I wonder which system that might be?

I was also a bit surprised to find a surprising level of interest in my story of 2 December about the Sitkovetsky concert; then I tracked it down to this site, which had picked up bits of it. Interesting how things move around the internet.

Talking about music, as we were not - the German TV cop show I am watching while I write includes a policeman (or a Polis, as we say in Scotland) called 'Schikaneder'. We know whose offspring he must be - and yes, of course he is in Vienna!


varske said...

It is weird how people find your blog isn't it? I find my visitors peak when I write about technology sometimes, but I think they must be rather disappointed. Plenty of people seem to find my post on cat airline transport.

It does seem that the more you post the more visitors you get, and after a critical mass of a year or so, there is more to find.

But I guess what you really need is regular commenters, so the advice I have seen on other blogs is to comment often on the blogs you read.

Maybe my posts are too eclectic for most people, since the regulars are people working in Eastern Europe.