Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tin openers

Being blessed with left-handedness, I find most tin openers quite hard to use, especially the very basic ones where I always have visions of stabbing my hand. Though not as much as when I am in a flat somewhere and reduced to opening tins with a huge kitchen knife! That's serious, almost suicidal, stuff, especially in countries where neither kitchen knives nor medical equipment might be particularly clean.

So a couple of weeks ago in Moscow I picked up an Ikea tin opener for my travels. And a beautiful piece of kit it is, too. Called 'Charm'. A lovely shape, and not the kind that cuts up my clothes during transit. But how to use the dratted thing? I spent about 10 minutes trying to apply it to a tin of mushrooms, with little success, and getting more and more hungry. Finally an enquiry to Google provided the answer on youtube here. Thank you, internet! What did we do in the days before internet? Ask Mum?


MartyDom said...

before the internet we didnt have complicated tin openers...