Friday, December 08, 2006

Still fairly lucky....

I thought I had got off lightly with my little incident in the street on Tuesday night, when it appeared nothing was missing..... except when today I wanted to pay for something, and could not lay my hands on my credit card. Then I happened to look at my bank account (thank you, internet) and found a transaction for about 3600 hrivna (500+ Euros) with a date of Tuesday - and luckily also a reverse transaction.....I think I might have noticed if I had spent that money in Kyiv. So the ****ers had taken my credit card whilst checking my bag! I have to be very grateful to whoever was at the cash register of the shop where my thieves tried to buy a lot of stuff. Lucky again!


varske said...

Hope that is the last of it.

Ukraine's the only place I have ever had a fraud. 10 years ago I paid for a hotel room with a card, using one of those paper slide thingies, not the ones linked to the telephone.

Six months later, there were 4 transactions in hryvna, when I was not in Kiev.

The first one was a giveaway at 1 hrivna just to check the card was valid, then some more totally about 2000. But they were all refunded as it was obvious what had happened.

So I've always been a bit wary of using cards in Ukraine, except to get money from the hole in the wall.