Saturday, November 10, 2007

Autumn runs

Tbilisi is back to normal, with the usual percentage of policemen about (though up a back street I spotted a bus full of soldiers and riot gear). Buf of course we still have a state of emergency. (In Lithuania we were near it once, due to a drought, but the government could not afford it because it would have had to pay back the pensioners their rouble reserves. Don't ask, I don't understand it either. Anyway, no such worries in Tbilisi). I had worried about going for a run, but actually, it's ok.

In terms of lurking soldiers, at least. There are other challenges, however. It seems that it has rained a lot. This has lead to mudslides. Not big ones, just the mud around the cobbles has been washed all around them. So you are running on muddy cobbles, which are wet, and with the sun relatively low, you can't actually see the ground very well. In Tbilisi you definitely want to see the ground if you don't want to break your legs!

Add to that the fact that I have run on relatively flat ground for the last few weeks and you can see why today's outing was a bit of a struggle - quite amazing, really; I thought I had not done too badly in recent weeks, but there we are...