Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pressure, pressure....

Oh boy, what pressure over the last few weeks! (Incidentally, why is blogger suddenly speaking German to me?)

I had planned to have a relaxing three weeks between Georgia postings, once I had had my exam, but relax? Got a call to do some work on Moldova, ideally in Moldova, but my lovely friend Gordon rescued me from that, so at least I could do that at home. Thanks, Gordon!

It meant building a mathematical model about something - which I had only just done in Tbilisi and never wanted to see another spreadsheet again...(though it has refreshed my Excel skills). In between I kept getting calls about my Georgia model, up to a few hours before I left for Germany. Plus umpteen doctor's appointments because my doctor fretted about my weightloss (I didn't). Then in Germany I was busy, non-stop, reading some hardback books which I did not want to carry back home (the luggage was bursting already) - apart from having some lovely times with some lovely people. Otherwise non-stop information - do we really need to know everything?

I might have had one day to just sit and think, or faff about....horrendous! This evening (Sunday, 7.24 pm) I finished the Moldovan work - phew! What a relief! Now it's just one job, practicing up to three instruments, studying Spanish and later again music.....I feel I'm in control again....


granny p said...

In control? - it sounds like it...My blogger -and Google - have a habit of suddenly talking Spanish - so have to be talked to very severely. It's a factor of living away from home I think