Tuesday, November 27, 2007

'Murricans on the move

Conversation overheard on the bus taking the passengers from Istanbul airport to the Tbilisi plane between three Americans:

'what's the time difference'?

'1 hour' (actual = 2 hours in winter)

'how long will the flight take?'

'About 3 hours' (actual less than 2, must have had a rear wind'

'What's the predominant language in Georgia? Mostly Russian?'

'No idea'.

Question from the others to the original enquirer, who on boarding the bus has stuck his thumb almost up my left nostril and thus bugged me: - 'Are you going there on holiday or to work?'

'I've been on holiday for 9 years; I'm retired and wanted to do something useful'.

Well, lucky old Georgia, no?, to get the benefit of this well-informed gentleman and his cohort. I would not normally either know the time differences and flight lengths between countries on a loooooong overseas journey, but basic stuff like the language...

Another guy, on the other side of the aisle from me, was reading extracts from the CIA World (No-) Factbook on Georgia. He won't know anything then - the World Factbook is notorious for misunderstandings. Produced by the same organisation that found the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

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