Thursday, November 08, 2007

The worst acting ever!

I'd been trying to get some film with my favourite Georgian actor, Zaza Papuashvili (he), and found a film called something like 'Georgian Grapes'. Unfortunately, it comes only in a compilation called 'Erotic Tales 5'. So I turned on the DVD with some trepidation....

The first film 'Will you be my Bratwurst' you see is absolutely, absolutely dreadful! It's produced by Rosa von Praunheim (also he) who is a gay German filmmaker. I think he should be banned from film-making! It's about a goodlooking (and well-hung) young guy who spends his Christmas in a hotel full of very strange people, all of whom are sex mad. They include the gay security guard, the big black transvestite, a person with height challenges and a hump back, a granny and various others. Each has their own fantasy of what they might do with him. It has a slight flavour of 'The Cook, the Thief, the Wife and her Lover', particularly at the end of the film. The acting is atrocious - a paper bag could act better than some of them! I wonder if that is intentional and an ironic take on such films. I fear not.

The 'Georgian Grapes' film, while also pretty trite, at least has some better acting (though not the best from Zaza Papuashvili and I think his dad, David Papuashvili, among others). It's about a downtrodden young woman in a village somewhere in Georgia, who meets a film star (as one does in a Georgian village) and is told how to make the most of her assets; thus surprising her husband (Zaza) who did not realise she had it in her.... Nakedness here does not extend beyond tits, and Zaza keeps his T-shirt and trousers on at all times. (Isn't it painful to act sex when she is half-naked and he keeps on his trousers and his belt?) The film really does not make much use of the talents of the actors either, but I suppose in Georgia in the late 1990s, when the film was made, one had to live. It's fairly forgettable, though.

Would not recommend either of the films - and glad that this one excursion into this world has satisfied my curiosity. Now back to loftier matters....