Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Norn Iron

Those not in the know will not know that this is the way some people refer to Northern Ireland. People with extremely short memories will not remember 'The Troubles' there. I won't go into them here.

This all came up because in the flutenet discussion group I asked a question about building stamina - not running out of puff after playing just a few notes. To be honest, it is getting better all the time, I'm just a bit impatient. At the time people had mentioned different techniques, including buzzing (like when you play a trumpet), playing with a chopstick under your tongue (which you can't but apparently afterwards your embouchure is just so!), and someone wrote about 'GFC'. I asked 'what is GFC'? He replied 'don't confuse GFC with KFC'. Well, of course, why didn't I think of that. Any suggestions on what the acronyms might mean? I reckon 'GFC' means 'good flute care' - but KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Then he goes on about SJG, who he describes as one of the leading flute players of the world. Who is S....J. G....? Finally I work out that he is talking about Jimmy Galway, he of the golden flute. I suppose you can't blame foreigners for not knowing that 'Sir' is not actually on the birth certificate, except for some people. Of course people rave about Galway's wonderful playing and about his helpfulness with his chat group etc, giving advice on playing the flute, much like flutenet. So they should. I also know, having read his biography in the very distant past, that he learnt to play the flute in a marching band (ouch!). But of course, I am thinking, he has overcome all that and now uses his golden flute for peaceful purposes, bringing the sides together and all that.

So why does it make me feel uncomfortable finding on a website put up by a boy from Norn Iron a link to the British monarchy and Westminster Abbey websites? Ouch, ouch and triple ouch! Won't be buying any of his CDs then.....


Helene said...

nowt so queer as folk.