Saturday, November 24, 2007

The handsome Turkish men

...are all in Istanbul. The ones in Germany are so so, especially the young ones who gel their hair to withstand all assaults and must spend hours every morning shaving each hair individually.

In Istanbul you get some really very nice-looking men indeed, and they are also very gentlemanly. (You do also get some very nice-looking Georgians and Armenians in their relative capitals, but here there is more financial equality between a western woman and a nice-looking Turkish man. [Editor's note: dream on!].)

The contrast between Beyoglu, where I am staying this time, and the old town (Sultanahmet) is awesome; not just in the architecture, the quality/class of shop, cafe and food, and the cultural life, but also in the freedom of a woman to walk along a street unhassled. Let's see, though, what happens tomorrow morning when I go for a run. Haven't seen anyone run here....

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sultanahmet said...

I like sultanahmet square.
Hagia Sophia is like a destiny.