Friday, October 06, 2006

falling stockings - wet visitors

I felt for the poor young woman hurtling rapidly through Waterloo Station the other day. She was wearing those kinds of stockings which are supposed to hold themselves up; except one did not, and the top was dangling around her knee. Lesson to be learnt, here.

Yesterday, near the Queen Elizabeth Hall, a number of interesting installations. One of these is a fountain consisting of a square, which in turn has four internal squares. The sides of the squares are metal strips out of which shoot, up to 2 m high, bursts of water, so that effectively the squares are a group of rooms. Sometimes a side of fountains switches on, and then off, so you could wander into a 'room' and then find yourself trapped for a while if the water comes on again. Very funny - but the funniest bit was when a sudden gust of wind made the water go more sideways rather than vertical, and completely drenched the guy inside the 'room' at the moment - and he could not get out. (In fact, the sideways leaning of the water was so parallel that I wonder whether that was not part of the design, too.)