Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mr President, Sir!

Coming out of a supermarket I noticed that the street was fairly quiet, and there were lots of policemen about, all shouting rather excitedly. This looked interesting, and I lingered. Suddenly out of a side street came flying a cavalcade of about 9 cars; at the front and rear a police car, then at either end a four wheel drive with four guys carrying machine guns, then another car, then the president, and one or two other cars with heavy guys in them (they might just have been advisers). So much for approachability then and being a man of the people.

My Dutch friend Hans always tells me to give his regards to Sandra. Sandra is Mrs President and Dutch. Funnily enough, last week Mr President was in the Netherlands (visiting the inlaws?), and Hans' niece served him wine (Georgian wine?).