Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mozart at the Academy

Monday first went round to the seniunija to see about the leak in the roof. They said someone would come round, they would make a list of the work/costs involved and all residents would pay. Two hours later a ring at the door, a guy came in to look at the leak. Looking out from the balcony I spotted a huge truck with a crane (to reach the roof six floors above the street). As it happens, they did not need to use it. Two guys, one with a pot of putty-like material, went up into the loft and spent some time there. They said we would see next time it rains. Great.

In the evening a concert in the music academy of Mozart Sonatas, Quartets and other stuff. It was ok... a couple of professional played the sonatas, one of which was a bit scaredy-caty. The prof responsible for chamber music then did a nice rendition of a Mozart piece arranged for quartet and himself. Last time I had heard him play his nerves had taken off, but this time he was much better and he looked really happy whilst playing.

This morning a notice appeared in the stair about getting new windows put into the stairs. And about time too. Everyone needs to pay their share according to their apartment's square metreage. At least 51 percent of owners need to sign the form of agreement, that's 13 out of 24 owners. Will we get it?

Tuesday evening sorted the last bit of the other flat for the new tenants who really seem to like it and treat it as their home. They have been able to clean places that I thought were uncleanable. On my return home a guy in my stair was fixing his own cable TV. Hmmm...

..and right; on Wednesday morning my phone was off and the internet. Phoned Lietuvos Telecom who said someone would definitely come round and fix it today. By 15.30 no-one had come round; I phoned again. Apparently a member of my family had told them that it was fixed. Wrong! An hour later I phoned again and got slightly evasive answers, though also lots of apologies. The girls at the call centre clearly read from a script because they always finish by saying 'Aciu kad naudojates Lietuvos Telekomo paslaugas' (thank you that you are using our services). Anyway, I was going out for my run at 18.50 when I met an engineer in the stairs coming up to my flat. Right enough - the fault was where the neighbour had fixed their cable TV. Thankfully I don't have to pay for that.

Today, Thursday, 10 signatures for our windows in the morning. In the evening the very energetic neighbour who has taken charge of this is going round to the neighbours who have not yet signed. It's clear that it is mainly the neighbours in the top who would like the new windows. Some are also probably unable to pay their contribution, although they can pay over six months - but this is coming in together with the heating season; not the best of timing.

This evening in the opera house to see the Flying Dutchman; about the fourth time I have seen this wonderful production with lots of energy, though the Dutchman, whoever he was, was a bit flabby and lacking in said energy - it's the acrobats who have the energy (which acrobats? - ah, you need to see the performance!). I sat in my favourite seat, front row, seat 18, right behind the conductor's right shoulder; whenever an unknown character came on the stage I felt like tapping him on the shoulder and asking him 'who's that then'? No-one I knew was in the opera house, but lots of enthusiastic young people - though it was not sold out by far. I did notice, though, that the opera 'Pelene', a right Lithuanian story, was sold out for the Sunday performance which is mainly aimed at children. Great stuff!