Tuesday, October 24, 2006

new flat!

Now in my new apartment. A huge flat of about 120 square metres, in a house between the French and Italian ambassador's residences. Their houses, sitting in the highest road of Tbilisi, are sticking up a few floors above the level of the road; my house, as it should be, is about 50 steep steps below the road. I have the whole top floor flat of the house, with a huge balcony overlooking Tbilisi - and in particular the newly built, huge Cathedral (Georgian orthodox religion) which is lit up like a birthday cake and dominates the whole skyline.

The flat is fully furnished, very fully furnished, and has all new kitchen equipment; though last night, celebrating my move in, a crucial piece of equipment was missing - a bottle opener! On the rear of the flat the mountain rises up, so there is not that much light. Nor is there on the front, due to the balcony roof, and the heavy curtains, but I hope I will be spending much time on the balcony next year. Maybe in the summer I will be grateful for it. At least the lighting in the flat is ok.

Went shopping last night for fruit and veg; my landlord guided me down the other exit from the property which goes immediately into a neighbourhood of very old and very poor housing, though bits of the road have been newly asphalted - in strips; I wonder who paid for that. I will definitely need a torch - I already have a key ring with a minimal torch, but a slightly more powerful piece of kit is needed.

After dinner I sat out on the balcony and read my book, eating some of the grapes hanging off the balcony roof. Very pleasant! This morning Tbilisi is wrapped in fog – so much for the view...