Friday, October 13, 2006


A friend told me that the British Council Library had lots of interesting books on CD which might be loaded on an ipod and listened to. So I hared round to the BC offices, paid my annual subscription, about 13 Euros, and looked at the selection. Well, first of all much of the audio-stuff is in tape (I don't have a player) and the selection was, in terms of literary quality, slim. But nostalgia ruled the roost and I got a book by Alan Bennett (read by him, always a delight), a book by PG Wodehouse and Rumpole of the Bailey - about 10 CDs in total, so it should keep me entertained where it is too dark to read (but if Russia cuts of the electricity to Georgia, then I cannot charge up the ipod either...)

Heard this morning that we now have sufficient signatures to get the new windows in the stairs. Wow, a cleaning lady and new windows. We are coming up in the world! The guy who organised it works in the estate agents...