Thursday, June 21, 2007

and I'm off again....

after 6 days in Tbilisi; this time to Australiaaaaa! To the International Viola Congress in Adelaide!!!!! Unbelievable, where this viola takes me - only since I started going to viola congresses have I been to America, Canada and now Oz.

It'll be great, seeing everyone again (it's always the same folk who go, mostly, with hopefully a few locals as well), and there'll be Ju from Singapore, who is also a frequent correspondent on the viola list. Having said that, the Americans don't seem to like to go, not even across their own border to Montreal, Canada. Ah well, their loss.

It also means probably a short interval in the blogging - unless it really gets very cold and rainy in Oz; in Sydney it's supposed to be 16-18 with a fair amount of rain, and slightly colder in Adelaide. The opportunity to buy that new rain jacket, then.... Funnily enough, my Georgia project has a study tour to the UK, including Scotland, and it will be much the same weather there. Except that it's summer there.