Thursday, June 21, 2007

'Oo's biting me this time?

My body and stinging insects are not a happy combination. This runs in the family. Quite often when someone stings me the afflicted part swells up quite alarmingly. There's middle level alarm when other people who see it are very alarmed, but to me it's not so bad, and then there is big alarm, when I find it a bit over the top as well. Mozzies are quite bad - there was a bad do in France one summer, 19 years ago (19 years ago??? wow), and in Lithuania about 5 years ago when I shared a hotel room with a mozzie, who bit me, and made rather a lot of noise, so eventually I squashed him (or her) against the wall. Not a good idea on that white textured wallpaper!

In Rwanda, where the mozzies are supposed to have huge teeth and severely dangerous malaria, I had no problem at all, even though I had not dosed myself with those very severe anti-mozzie materials that I had bought in advance, and despite eating all meals outdoors.

But now, here in Georgia, someone is biting me; one of my elbows has a very interesting lump, and there are some other unusually large parts to my body. In addition, there's a strange disease about in Georgia, Leishmaniasis, which you notice only months after the bite by the nasty little sandfly. That figures because so far this year there have been 90 cases of it in Tbilisi, and the little critters have only been around for the last week or two. Perhaps I should not keep all of my windows open all of the time, or at least gauze them over.....