Monday, June 11, 2007

Dark clothes and hot climates

I'd used the opportunity of the weightloss to change the colouring of my clothes to dark, mostly black but also some navy blue. I had discovered that it suits me - particularly black poloneck sweaters (ignoring the fact that any constriction around my neck can make me feel quite squeamish under the wrong conditions....).

And it looks great. Generally; it gives you (me) a certain mystique, and goes well in Georgia, where many women wear dark clothes.

Except that the hot climate (even in Moldova) has its consequences. You go for a walk at lunchtime, at 30 degrees in the shade, and you get quite sweaty. But it'll dry, won't it, and you did use the deodorant in the morning?

It does, and the salt washed out from your body leaves very dainty white lines everywhere where sweat and dry t-shirt came together. Particularly fetching when you've been wearing your handbag across your chest....

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varske said...

And I thought that it only happened to me! And sod's says you only notice them after your important meeting!