Thursday, June 14, 2007

and proud to be Scottish?

The SNP government has so far:

  • kept a couple of accident and emergency units open which had already been agreed to be closed. Hope they have enough specialists to staff them all
  • announced that they will cancel all graduate debts (which in Scotland were small anyway, compared to those in England and Wales)
  • announced that they will scrap prescription charges for chronic illnesses - now they just need to define these. Probably won't cost them all that much since many people with chronic illnesses got free prescriptions anyway on age or income grounds, and anyone else could buy a 110 quid prepayment certificate which meant that they had to pay nothing for the rest of the year
  • is considering cancelling the Edinburgh tram and instead upgrading the A9 road through their heartland. It's good to know where your voters live.
It'll be interesting to see what will happen in a year or two, when the cash impact of some of these decisions will hit home....