Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't panic - it's Turkish Airlines

Keeping an eye over the weekend on my missing luggage, courtesy of the Turkish airlines website, I did become a little worried when it kept saying 'Pending - please check again later'. The fact that one of their Istanbul employees yesterday morning said the same did not add to my confidence. Apart from the fact that they recently lost a colleague's travel cot, her husband's luggage, and another colleague's husbands luggage arrived in pieces.

But then again, I have lost luggage loads of times, all over the place, and it has always turned up, though often with the little lock missing....I used my usual trick of notifying my insurance company, since every time the luggage appears shortly afterwards - obviously a causal relationship. And indeed, when I phoned the airport I found that it had arrived - and should have already been there when I talked to the nice Turkish official. I guess over the weekend they had not got around to updating their website. It was complete, unopened - so no need to kit myself out again with clothes, ask the OU for those units that were in the luggage, hasten around Frankfurt on Friday to stock up on everything....

Thank you, Turkish airlines!


TravelinMom said...

Hey, I was bored today and decided to read through some blogs :) I noticed you said you'd lost luggage a few times, I wanted to ask if you've tried anything like Global Bag Tags? I use them and love them.