Wednesday, June 20, 2007

thin is...

  • when you can wrap your sarong round your middle twice and still tie a knot (and have the security of knowing it won't unravel). Though I noticed on this windy summer's morning that sarongs are very ... fly-away?
  • when delicate places don't chafe any more. You wonder why larger women tend to wear trousers? Here's your answer. Apart from large skirts looking like tents, and large legs not being that wonderful either!
  • when therefore you suddenly have access to a whole different range of clothes, and on looking through the fashions in a shop you think - jeez, these clothes are all so large!
  • when (not entirely sadly) you have to replace all your clothes because there is only so much that can be taken in (having had some clothes taken in two or three times, not terribly successfully). Is this another reason why poor people find it so hard to lose weight?
  • when you look at food automatically in terms of fattening potential, and mentally review your day's intake so far ....and you have fewer courses in restaurants.....