Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Woke up yesterday morning...

... feeling like sh*t. Heid was louping all day, as we say in Scotland, but blamed that on dehydration. Recently I have run more, and it's been hot, and often I got a stoater of a headache a few hours afterwards, probably because I had not drunk enough. Anyway, drank lots (difficult in a flat where the biggest container is a small tea cup), took the paracetamol, in the evening it occurred to me to take my temperature... which was nicely up. No idea why!

Tried to do a bit of studying, concentrating on Bach's 4-3 suspension - total soup in my head (I only grew up with it, and had in fact used bits of it in harmonisations months ago, without realising)! But a good night's rest - bounced out of bed at 5.30 (the new mattress is so hard that you can't do anything but bounce!), did my suspensions test, the piano practice, and off to work. The piano in the flat is seriously, seriously out of tune - you get two notes for the price of one in some places...

In Moldova everything has to be bilingual, in Romanian and Russian. Romanian is much more pleasant on the eye and ear - you can read it, and work much of it out. 'Intenzione' - you know what I mean? Bizarre moment then in the cafe where I was ordering lunch, and found the waitress talking in Russian and pointing at the Russian text in the menu.

The Ministry, like all social ministries everywhere, is probably not the poshest in the city; a variety of small businesses have established themselves in the ground floor. There is a sort of security at the entrance, but it's not taken terribly seriously. (In Georgia it's extremely serious - you need your ID, in Tajikistan people just wander in and out....) Renovation appears to be happening at the moment, but it'll take a while. The department for human trafficking has a very fine new front door, though - USAID paid for that. This kind of business is big here

My apartment block's lift is out of order today - I stay on the 9th floor. Quite a good reason to stay in, really!