Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In defence of Georgian wine

This article has Georgia as one of the top 10 unusual wine destinations (in the world). It mentions that Georgia was the first place in the world to make wine. The country does have a very ancient recorded history; it's where Jason and the Argonauts travelled to, and where Medea hung out. The daughter of one of my colleagues is called Medea....

It also mentions that the wine in some places is still kept in amphoras, in the ground (we saw them for sale, in a pottery market; not exactly handy souvenirs though they would make wonderful plant pots - they are so deep! But I have to disagree where it says that much of the wine is disgusting! Yes, I did once come across some really really rough wine, but generally, if you buy dry wine you get dry wine, red or white. The wine I buy in five-litre plastic containers is usually fine - though when you pour it straight from that container it's hard to just pour out a little! My friends and I all have wine at home in the weirdest screwtop bottles - it saves you having to look for a cork screw!