Wednesday, November 01, 2006

British Embassy Tbilisi

Oh dear, British efficiency and customer service! A few weeks ago I wrote to the embassy asking about the security situation here, what with alarming headlines in Europe about Georgia and Russia. Got a reply after the second attempt.

When I got here, tried to register by email and sent my details to the person I had been told to send them to. Again a week later - not a whisper of a reply! So yesterday wandered off to the embassy which according to the website was open 9 to 5 every weekday. Arrived at 13.45 to be told that it did not open till 2. At 2 was told to wait a couple of minutes. Eventually a security guard arrived in what looked like a grey jumpsuit with a Union Jack on it and asked me details, then said I could not go in. Told him that I had not come all this way to be sent away. He asked someone again but refused admittance.

Not a happy moment. Luckily I had the email address of a key person and sent him a stiff letter. He told me to send in my details by email (which I had done twice before) and that the consular department was open 9-12 and 14-17 hrs on weekdays - a time when I had been there. Yah boo sucks!

Obviously the wave of customer services training has passed the Foreign Office by completely. I am glad my taxes are not paying their wages. Incidentally, the embassy website has as its piece of news that London has been awarded the Olympics. This award was announced on 6 July 2005; more than 2 years ago. Apart from the fact that this will entirely benefit only one small corner of the UK, has nothing else good happened since?

However, loitering outside the embassy waiting for His Highness, the security guard, to finish his luncheon, gave me an opportunity to watch the positioning of St George on his pillar (see photo). I was there just at the moment when they let the cables go from the crane. He's still in pink!


Anonymous said...

Bring back Boggers :)