Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mystery solved!

This article explains what happened to my little Borjomi kiosk. Apparently the police requested Coca Cola to close them down on traffic safety grounds. I can't myself see what effect such a kiosk would have. How can the presence of the kiosk on the pavements cause car accidents? Surely drivers who need emergency cigarettes, would not screech to a halt beside a kiosk if there is another one another 50 metres on. Actually, in Georgia, they might!

It's a shame for the people who depend on these kiosks for their living, and a wee bit of shelter from the wind or the sun. If Tbilisi wants to be 'European' there are plenty of other ways to start, such as repairing the roads, pavements, houses, getting constant electricity. Here just the little guys get it.

And while I am also not in favour of Coca Cola, not the healthiest of drinks, being advertised everywhere, guys, just remember which country is looking after you at the moment. Don't bite the hand that feeds you!