Sunday, November 26, 2006

Computer issues

Having had some troubles with Internet Explorer 7, I have now changed my laptop browser to Firefox, just my other computer. Firefox has done for a long time what Microsoft with its IE 7 has only just introduced. Then I spotted a little add-on called 'performancing' which gives you an instant blog editor and you don't need to laboriously log into the blog before you start writing. Great for those moments of sitting in flats with dial-up connections! Now if it only included the labels, and offered an opportunity to write several posts and post them altogether... (on the other hand, it gives you the little self-advertisement...)

powered by performancing firefox


violainvilnius said...

it does offer the opportunity to pre-write several posts and post them later.....

varske said...

I use Windows Live Writer for offline writing. I tried not to, but I couldn't find any fault with it. And it imports style templates, so your writing looks just like it will on the blog.