Saturday, November 04, 2006

settling in

I'm still doing that! When I moved in I clocked the enamel pots and bad memories appeared of burnt food (most recently in a flat in Kiev, oops!). So far so lucky, though today I managed to boil the kettle dry (kettle without a whistle on a gas cooker...). Luckily I noticed it just as I was leaving the house for 4 hours....

So, having already bought a wee stainless steel pot for the morning porridge (in an initially cool flat this was necessary, and boy that pot is worth its weight in gold) I had to splash out on an electric kettle today. So far it has not brought down the electricity.

But I must also get some candles; the electricity still fails quite regularly. Nowadays it is better than it used to be, but many homes and offices have generators for these moments. I regularly pass a hairdresser's which has two of these sitting in the window - for sale?