Saturday, November 18, 2006


Wow, the difference a fast computer and a good internet connection makes - takes years off your life!

Today passing through Vienna airport there was a crowd of the Vienna Boy's Choir, at least one of whom will never sing soprano or alto again.....They still have the little sailor-type uniforms, in a landlocked country.

Great news for the Vienna Vilnius flight - 'free' catering has been introduced; maybe the Board Bistro was not a success. And a very delicious mini salad it was with two little mozarello balls on a stick, a couple of slices of prosciutto type ham, and a sort of basil sauce; accompanied by a kind of cheesecake (a bit dry) and drinks. Thanks, Austrian Airlines!


varske said...

Just got back too. About time Austrian Airlines improved something, what with their lousy schedule that means your luggage always got left behind.

violainvilnius said...

I love Austrian; they have never lost my luggage except once 3 years ago. Vienna airport is nice, the trip into Vienna is lovely, and, after a period of heavy consulting out East getting on a plane that is clean, well-maintained with friendly hostesses speaking that wonderful Austrian is just bliss! Also their airmiles are useable - who'd want Aeroflot airmiles?