Saturday, November 04, 2006

I know I am slimming...

but I am sure I cannot have lost 3 kg (half a stone) in weight in a week! Not having scales at home I depend on people in the street who sit there with their little scales and charge 20 tetri (1/5 of a lari) for the privilege - so twice I have used the same guy near the baths to try and aim for consistency; same time of day, same clothes, everything, he has a heavy medical set of scales, and 3 kg down..... Probably the scales were sitting on a stone or something. Pavements don't do 'even' here. Next time I'll need to use the scales in the baths - they are less likely to be shifted around every day.

Mind you, I walk a lot in Tbilisi. People who tell you that Tbilisi is a small town are people who sit in cars. Now I walk to work every morning, about 3 km downhill, and of course last weekend there was the hash with the 14 km round trip including walking to the meeting point. Saturdays I wander all over the place - and I must discover more 'places' - still a bit thin on restaurant knowledge - so I reckon in the last week I must have covered 30 km. How will I keep this up in other locations?