Friday, November 24, 2006

We are in the Guardian

I was rather surprised when I got a comment from Granny P . Granny P writes a lovely and very funny blog about her life and that of her own Mr Rochester in retirement (early, surely?) in the Canary Islands, doing a bit of self-sufficiency, involving a great amount of running after excitable hens. Like me, she is a Radio 3 fan and listens to it online in the Canaries. Sounds absolutely blissful - listening to Radio 3, running after the chickens and a nice Spanish red wine of an evening!

I had found out about her and her blog on the Guardian Abroad website which is an intelligent version of similar pages in the Daily Telegraph. If she had found me, that made me think...and right enough, here I am in the Guardian, and here you can review my blog and give it stars out of 5.

Not only that, but today I held in my hand my latest publication, the 'Strategy to Introduce a Modern Social Services System in Tajikistan' which apparently includes all my bits of writing on the project that is just finishing. As all my books it is published in Russian.... the others have such riveting titles as 'The One Stop Implementation Handbook', the 'Rolling Out the One Stop Shop', or the 'Performance Management Manual' (all published in Russia). They make great bedtime reading. I wonder how many of my devoted readers can say they had a book published in Tajikistan?


varske said...

Thanks for the Guardian link. I posted my own blog and found some quite interesting new ones. Definitely better than the Telegraph.

Nice to know what you have been spending your time doing!

I have a book entitled Manual for Construction Procurement with Tendering. At least that was what it was called in English, but by the time it was translated into Russian it was losing the plot. After that it was translated into Ukrainian. In those days hardly anyone spoke Ukrainian (except in Lviv) let along read it, so who knows what it said in the end.

violainvilnius said...

Yes indeed, translation is always a problem, though it helps if someone translates it who has worked with you....

In one country the interpretation has been so bad that I wonder whether my beneficiaries and I inhabit parallel universes.