Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We got a mention!


This looks like a nice international site.


varske said...

Does anyone use those buttons at the bottom? I'm never sure. Where do you collect your bookmarks? I had a fad of using diigo (www.diigo.com) after rejecting furl and spurl and deliciosus.

I use technorati to get RSS feeds for Ukraine and Kosovo, but I'm never sure how much I care about old bookmarks.

violainvilnius said...

Well, basically I think those buttons are quite pretty and break up the page a bit. They probably show up better on a dark page, though.

It was the dickens of a job putting them in, though, and I might have liked some others.

The thing with these bookmarking services is that you can take your bookmarks anywhere if you use a lot of different computers. These days I seem to be lugging my laptop everywhere instead. Also I do wonder if the loading up of your own bookmarks to a internet site won't tell people all sorts of things about you? (I have about a zillion bookmarks for music publishers and other music events).