Monday, November 06, 2006

More admin

I have been frustrated with the narrow strip of text that appeared down the middle of my screen, and so I have managed to widen my blog to fill more of the screen - and save people scrolling down. I would be happy to have feedback if people have trouble reading it from side to side (it might be too wide for some computer setups?).

I am still working out how to get the comments to appear on the same page (once they are accepted), rather than having people click on them, and I would like the red strip of the side bar to be longer - does that mean I have to fill it with reams of text?

Doing things to the blog seems rather technical, much like the Linux system - it almost requires a bit of programming knowledge....


varske said...

Wrong blog system. I use Typepad (not free but not expensive) and you can do lots of things without any programming. Plus the support people reply to emails and help out if you need little bits of programming.