Sunday, January 14, 2007

14 January in Tbilisi

Hash Sunday and another gloriously sunny day! ... with a temperature of around 5 degrees C... The turnout was somewhat small - only the hardy people turned up - many are still returning from their holidays. One had been to Kenya and returned brown as a berry, another had been to Paris, Ghana and South Africa, yet someone else had been to Israel. Expatriate life, eh? Also today was Georgian New Year (as I heard around midnight, when a zillion fireworks went off) and so the Georgian contingent was limited.

These pictures were taken about 20 minutes from the centre of Tbilisi - some of our hash members live within walking distance of this totally deserted upland area. We know it is totally deserted because there is no rubbish lying about.

The hash was not always as flat as this....shortly afterwards we hit a series of hills - not always running!

The 8 km of ...running....almost without incident, apart from the moment when we rounded a corner and nearly headed down a ravine, and a short while later had to cross the same ravine on a shiny round gas pipe (only kidding, I found a way of getting around it a bit further up) ...

On the third picture, in the distance on the right, you can just make out the TV tower which is almost immediately above my house.