Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Heart attack on a plate

For the last few days I had noticed the restaurant near work (just up the road from the Marjanishvili Theatre) with large pictures of the Adjaran khachapuri on its window. It always looked busy, too!

Yesterday some friends went there for lunch and raved about it, so today I took my turn. The only foreigner in the restaurant I effectively blocked a table for four - no-one wants to sit beside a foreigner...A rather dopy local couple was hovering when I sat down - I don't know if I had taken 'their table'. I know they were dopy because 10 minutes later some other people entered the restaurant and took the next empty table, and the couple again stood behind them and let it be taken from them. If I were you, girl, I would not marry him.

I ordered the khachapuri in the picture (courtesy of Wikipedia) - it seems that it is not fast food - but it's fresh food! Half an hour later it appeared on the table.... shaped like Napoleon's hat, filled not only with the raw egg which you then scramble inside the hot bread (my friend had lightly described it as 'scrambled egg on toast') but also with dollops of salty Georgian cheese, and with a great lump of butter on top. That was soon removed, but still - it was extremely filling. This kind of khachapuri has to be made freshly for everyone otherwise the thing with the egg won't work. I don't think I will have it every day....