Saturday, January 13, 2007

...now wash your hands!

...tells us the Scottish Health Minister, Andy Kerr (who in a previous life was responsible for the bins in Glasgow, so he would know).

The Scottish Executive is going to spend 2.5 million pounds on talking posters, telling folks using public toilets to take care of their personal hygiene. 'Tis all in favour of reducing hospital-borne infections. It would help if hospital workers started by doing this.... but governments north and south of the border (oh, I forgot, we don't have a 'government' north of the border) have in the past discussed getting visitors to wear face-masks, banning visiting altogether....moving the blame nicely beyond the health service. Now, when we had matrons like Hatty Jacques that would never have happened - mind you, in her days and her regime the nurses did the cleaning, and the visiting hours were very strictly limited.

Other pieces in the news concern the Rwandan Olympic football team, beginning to train for the 2008 Olympics. Apart from starting without a coach, news media report that 'the turn up was encouraging', and they go on to list the players who 'turned up'. That sounds like real commitment and aching to go, no?

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