Monday, January 01, 2007

Nipped in the ....

calf! Twice in two years it has fallen to me/I have volunteered to set the trail for the New Year Hash. Last year it was freezing, and the hash started at the usual time in the morning. By 8.30 I was out in the frost, and on the thickly packed ice, running hither and thither, sliding up and down, setting a trail for runners and walkers (who don't like to go far). 6 people turned up. No worries.

This year the hash was in the afternoon, so I tootled out for about 12 noon. I set a great, challenging route for that post-prandial cardiovascular exercise - up a hill on a road, then down, the up two hills on narrow and slippery paths, down again, and around and around...at one stage I popped out onto a road which looked familiar only in the appalling sense in that it would have been very far to walk back - and Vilnius walkers really don't like to walk far. Unfortunately just at this point a wee white terrier thing (at the end of Sharku gatve - we know who you are!) had yipped and yipped after me, and then, when I wasn't looking, nipped me in the calf! The ****ing wee b*st*ard! And to go back I had to pass him again! This time I fixed him with a glare eyeball to eyeball, and he kent fine not to go for me. Eventually the wee feartie with a big mouth became too scared to go too far from his home. I also taught him some English - which he might not wish to repeat in front of Mum.

As I trecked back towards the intended meeting point, the rain started ..... I waited for a while, and only one other person, with a car, turned up. We were both quite happy to give it a miss. Those who failed to turn up today will get the same hash another time!