Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gourmets, Giggles and Golden Globes

Lotus reads has a wonderful review of Madhur Jaffrey's memoir 'Climbing the Mango Trees'; now on my building-up amazon list. En passant I notice Ms Jaffrey has brought out many more cookery books. Must stop reading Lotus read's blog!

The funniest blog entry I have read for a long while is Grannyp's fight with her wetsuit - maybe it was not a good idea? (Grannyp retired to the Canaries, or thereabouts, but seems to be dipping a lot back to the UK or other parts of Europe).

I see that Dame Helen Mirren has won a Golden Globe for her Queens, both QEI and QEII. QEI was filmed in Lithuania! (It was shown in Vilnius in September last year - I found it too long, but it turns out to have been a mini-series).


Lotus Reads said...


Thank y ou so much for the mention and the link. Much appreciated. I'm so happy to have discovered your blog too. I hadn't realized QE1 was filmed in Lithuania. I have plans to see the film...definitely.

Will visit again, thanks!

violainvilnius said...

great to hear from you, Lotusreads. I know you know but QE1 is about the first Elizabeth ...the one in the very stiff dresses. If you get to see it, look out for the slightly iffy sets!

My friend Pat, a great friend of cooking, is reading Madhur Jaffrey's autobiography as we speak!