Monday, January 22, 2007

A red mullet is a chubby wee thing

...when it's still in the sea, or at the fishmonger's. When it is fried, however, it takes on the semblance of a skinny sardine. So it was quite necessary that I had 7 on my plate this lunchtime - each of which yielded about 2 teaspoons full of meat. And a potato, a slice of onion and a thin slice of radish. Not much danger for my diet there, and all the more opportunity to fill up tonight.

I had come across the fishmarket by accident, having taken quite the wrong turning to go to the spice market (on the opposite side of this land spur). The fishmarket brought back memories of Pieroni's in Ayr, possibly the best fish shop in the West of Scotland and within walking distance of my then work. Their fish was to die for - as was the fish in the Istanbul fishmarket, all beautifully displayed, clearly showing the very fresh pink gills. With the mullets there was not really opportunity to get the flavour, between the friend skin and the thimble full of meat. Might not go for them again....

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