Monday, January 29, 2007

Slack Alice....

...or East German pianos by the name of Alexander Herrmann. Turns out that the piano I am using is unusual in more than one way - apart from the keyboard sloping away from me, the way it is strung is also different - the tuner muttered something about an 'experimental design'..... The only way of fixing the keyboard issue is by tilting the piano towards me - would I want that? No - and anyway, probably the music would fall off the thing. Also, it seemed to be a particularly relaxed piano, or rather a piano with especially relaxed strings - was it 20 years old or had it not been tuned for 20 years? I did not understand, but he did not seem too impressed even though it looks a nice piano. Inner life issues - I guess. If it were a fiddle it would need retuning again soon - but then for the moment I am not playing it like I would my fiddle. We'll see.

I see that the 'Queen' has been nominated for lots of Oscars, as has 'Little Miss Sunshine' (for rather fewer). Interesting.