Monday, January 22, 2007


On the weekend my readership exceeded 1000 for the first time (in total, since records began on about 9 November, as they say about the weather). Some people have more readers, but me, I'm happy!

Also today the parcel for my OU music course arrived, all 3.5 kilos of it! About 24 CDs, a DVD and lots of text books - all looking quite technical - I think I'll get to know my intervals and chords and whatnot by the time I finished with this. So the blogging might get a bit less generous for a while! My poor friend Grazina had to get the mail notification from my flat, run to the post office about 2 km away, then pick up the parcel and shlep it to the DHL office - quite close to my flat....She has done wonders!