Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Green with envy!

Why didn't I think of that name? 'Beatroot', as in beatroot.blogspot.com, a Polish blog on Polish and European politics. It would have taken Beate right back to her roots (groan....).

Once upon a time, about a million years and several careers ago, when I just started being a gardener, I found myself hand-thinning rows and rows of beetroot, and guess what some smart-aleck said as he strolled past? 'There she's in her Beate-roots'....

Beatroot is a rather interesting blog, especially for those of us who live not that far from Poland (and who 70 years ago, without moving an inch from her desk, might have been in Poland, had they been alive), and also considering all the controversy involving Poland, Polish plumbers and folk like the British Government and the British media. Must add it to my links.