Monday, January 22, 2007

'She got a Golden Globe for....

'acting a stiff Queen?....' (or two), was the response of one of my loyal and devoted readers from a republic, hearing about Helen Mirren's success at the Golden Globe awards. The implication being 'where's the acting in that?'.

I suspect that these awards, like the Oscars, are given as much for subject matter as for the acting, lighting or whatever - that was one of the comments when 'Schindler's List' got so many Oscars. The Americans, who I believe give out the Golden Globe, are quite fascinated by our Royal family, and the tragedy of Princess Di. Apart from the fact that Dame Helen Mirren is a fabulous actress anyway (who, according to my commentator, just had an easy time of it in this film), this fascination may also have contributed to the prize. Had she acted Mrs Idi Amin, or Mrs Saddam Hussein, the acting might have been a great deal more difficult, and would the film have been so highly rated?

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